ViewPoint360° Virtual Tour Studio

Changelog version 2


- added virtual tour's hyperlink setting for logo

- reusable content (logos and song) for new virtual tours creation


- added a POI type link (external), that open link in a new page instead of embed it

- cleaned up code that was detected as malware


- redesigned poi and markers backend sections

- added poi and markers individual style settings

- added possibility to resize poi and markers

- added icons library - custom images to use as poi and markers


- added possibility to change map points size

- added a compression settings for uploaded panorama images

- added possibility to limit upper and lower pitch degree of rooms

- added placement of markers in perspective

- added possibility to activate / deactivate virtual tours

- added white label settings


- added friendly url to publish link with a custom url

- added google analytics integration

- fixed meta tag for better share preview


- added possibility to auto start or not the virtual tour at loading

- added customizable background loading image

- added possibility to hide the compass

- added some shortcut on backend

- minor bugfix / improvements


- introduced voice commands support

- customizable poi's icon

- added poi types 'html' and 'download'

- added possibility to change markers color and background

- added possibility to change pois color and background


- introduced webvr support


- added bulk upload panorama images (fast create multiple rooms)

- sync room's list position when change room


- fixed a bug with whatsapp share


- added multi maps functionality

- added name of map and possibility to change color of points

- improved map visualization


- added possibility to change room's order

- added possibility to protect the virtual tour with a password

- fixed a bug in the gallery


- added POIs type content as custom html/text

- added navigation by next / prev arrows

- added a info box customizable via backend

- added an image's gallery customizable via backend